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lnbits-captcha-faucet, WordPress bitcoin faucet

Easily add a bitcoin faucet to your WordPress pages and posts!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is EIXu1AIWwAEHNsR.pngI created the Sinclair Faucet back in late 2019. A simple form where you could charge a faucet and share as an lnurl QR code.  Within a few weeks people had created a range of scripts to repeatedly hit the faucets (amilking).

Later we created the LNURLw extension in LNbits, an easy way for people to create their own lnurl-withdraw links/faucets. We tried to counter amilking by adding a “unique” option. The “unique” variable meant each withdraw of the withdraw-link created a unique lnurl/QR code.  However people soon managed to bot their way around this one as well.

Clearly these bots needed a captcha!This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png

lnbits-captcha-faucet easy to add WordPress shortcode, that requires the completion of a captcha, which then hashes and checks the users IP. All this is made possible as LNURLw now has another endpoint so people can relate an withdraw-link with a hash before fetching, in this shortcodes case, the hash sent is the users hashed IP.


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Upload the files/folders to your WordPress theme
Add include(‘lnbits_faucet_shortcode’); to the bottom of your themes functions.php
To use in a post/page use the shortcode:
faucet server=”” lnurl=”0m34g34gLNKM” key=”asrgeasrgserg453s45hg45h”
  • server: an LNbits server
  • key: LNbits wallet invoice key attached to lnurl-withdraw
  • lnurl: lnurl-withdraw id generated in LNbits

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Important! ~ Change the $secret_key in lnbits_faucet_shortcode as this is the string that is used to encrypt data to pass through the front-end of your captcha.

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How to make an LNbits BTCpaywall

A wordpress plugin that creates a paywall for almost any wordpress content, payable in bitcoin over the lightning network
The files in the btcpaywall subdirectory of this git repository are the source code of the plugin. You can download the btcpaywall subdirectory, zip it, and upload it to your wordpress directory, or — if you don’t want to do the zipping — you can download a prezipped version here:


Install and activate the plugin through the plugins page in the backend of your wordpress installation…